Wireless Docking Speaker OVD270

The polished, curved aluminum body of the Ovale™ OVD270 offers a combination of craftsmanship and function. The carefully-designed curve reinforces the rigidity of the speaker cabinet, reducing internal resonance and eliminating the vibration and distortion of sound.Built-in, advanced digital sound processing ensures perfect transfer of sound signals directly to the amp, allowing a natural reproduction of vocals and instruments with wide, room filling sounds.




Product Features:

  •  Wireless Control – Stream audio from any Bluetooth device (up to 33 feet wireless Bluetooth range)
  • Play & Charge iPod, iPhone or iPad models with Lightning Dock connector
  • Powerful Sound – Advanced digital sound processing
  • Multiple Audio Sources – Play from almost any device (Play via Bluetooth, Lightning Dock, FM Radio, Aux Line-In)
  • Flexible Media Player – Plays almost anything (Games, Music, Videos, Presentations)
  • Auto-Sync Feature automatically syncs the time with your iPod/iPhone/iPad
  • LED Display with four levels of brightness
  • Equipped for travel: AC Power Adapter with Interchangeable Plugs for use in North America/ Australia/ Philippines/ Hong Kong/ UK/ Europe (2-Pole)*

*The Interchangeable Plugs are available in some models only – OVD270/EU and OVD270/US. Please refer to Instruction Manual included with your purchased Ovale™ Wireless Docking Speaker for the exact type of Interchangeable Plug included with your purchased model.

Useful Links:

Product Video

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